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The Past, Present and Future of Pediatric Drug Development

How do I develop an inhaled drug product?

Quotient is your answer.

Inhaled drug development

Quotient has a 30 year track record in the development and manufacturing of inhaled drug products. We have experience across a range of drug delivery platforms including dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and solutions/suspensions for inhalation. 

With integrated capabilities and vast knowledge of nasal and pulmonary delivery, we help our clients accelerate their molecules from first-in-human, through to proof-of-concept and into full development.

Integrated capabilities and expertise for nasal and pulmonary delivery

Our extensive expertise and capabilities for nasal and pulmonary delivery include:

  • Pre-formulation and API characterisation
  • Formulation and process development
  • Inhaled device evaluation and selection
  • Clinical manufacturing and supply (Phase I-III)
  • Clinical pharmacology assessments

We have a wide range of processing and analytical equipment to support the development and manufacture of inhaled drug products:

  • Spray drying
  • Micronization
  • Blending and encapsulation
  • Aerosol characterization

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