On-Demand Webinar , Translational Pharmaceutics

Quotient Sciences and Charles River Collaboration Webinar

18 May 2023

Learn how you can shorten the pathway to clinical development: Hear more from Quotient Sciences and Charles River leaders in our on-demand webinar.

Senior leaders from Charles River and Quotient Sciences discuss how this collaboration helps customers by bringing expert knowledge, removing obstacles from the critical path, reducing development risks, and shortening the pathway to clinical development. Through case studies they will demonstrate how an integrated program provides customers with the full set of deliverables required to be “clinic ready”, and how this seamless transition between providers can improve the chances of clinical success.

Combined, Charles River and Quotient Sciences have over 100 years of experience in the drug development space and across all stages of drug development, cementing them as trusted industry experts.

Key Topics

  • The benefits of an integrated approach to accelerate to IND and beyond
  • How this collaboration seamlessly delivers these integrated programs of work
  • How technical transfers are achieved between organizations and how this can benefit clients in both time and cost saving
  • A timeline overview for each stage of the development process
  • Case studies that demonstrate the benefits of an integrated discovery to clinic approach

Featured Presenters

18 May 2023