On-Demand Webinar , Drug Substance

Reach the Clinic Faster: Integrated Biopharmaceutics & Drug Substance Strategies

27 July 2023

Learn how choosing an integrated service provider can help to accelerate your drug development timeline by watching our on-demand webinar entitled, 'Reach the Clinic Faster: Integrated Biopharmaceutics & Drug Substance Strategies'.

Watch a discussion with scientific experts from Quotient Sciences in drug substance, biopharmaceutics, and candidate development to hear the benefits of integrating biopharmaceutics and drug substance activities in order the accelerate timelines to first-in-human studies, minimize risks and improve the likelihood of downstream success.

Presentation Overview

Drug developers face many challenges and considerations in the preclinical and candidate development stage. They start with selecting the right molecule to take forward into clinical development and understanding the best drug substance and drug product development strategy to reach the clinic. To simplify and expedite this phase, developers can leverage an integrated biopharmaceutics, drug substance, and drug product development strategy to make science-led, data-driven decisions that greatly improve formulation performance and streamline the outsourcing process.  The tight integration of these key activities under a single organization improves the supply chain by removing them from the critical path and allows for a seamless transition into clinical research with 'clinic ready' deliverables.

Quotient Sciences panelists include:

  • Dr. Richard Castledine, Head of Drug Substance Operations
  • Dr. Steve Byard, Principal Research Fellow for Candidate Development
  • Dr. Eleanor Row, Executive Director of Candidate Development

Moderated by Dr. Asma Patel, VP of Integrated Development Services, Quotient Sciences

27 July 2023