On-Demand Webinar , Translational Pharmaceutics

Tufts CSDD Study Assessing the Financial Benefits of Translational Pharmaceutics®: A Platform for Accelerating Product Development

22 January 2020

On Demand Webinar

The drug development process has been demonstrated to be extremely costly, lengthy, and risky with significant rates of molecule attrition. Despite long-standing efforts by drug developers to operate more efficiently, traditional drug development programs have become costlier on average.

To inform drug developers of the potential financial impacts of alternative drug development processes and outsourcing models, the Tufts CSDD conducted a study comparing traditional drug development programs to Quotient Sciences’ signature drug product manufacturing and clinical testing platform, referred to as Translational Pharmaceutics.

Translational Pharmaceutics is a unique platform that integrates formulation development, manufacturing, and clinical testing and has been widely used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate product development across the full development cycle.

Key applications of Translational Pharmaceutics include the transition of molecules from First in Human (FIH) to Proof of Concept (POC), and in the development and optimization of clinical formulations including modified release (MR) drug products and solubility-enhanced dosage forms.

This webinar summarizes the key findings of the Tufts CSDD research on Translational Pharmaceutics, which includes mean time savings of >12 months and financial gains of >$100 million per drug approved.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the difference between Translational Pharmaceutics and traditional approaches to drug development. 
  • Realise the multi-million dollar benefits of Translational Pharmaceutics, as demonstrated in the Tufts CSDD study.
  • Learn how much time and budget you could save on your drug development timeline.
  • Uncover the findings of the Tufts CSDD study including a review of the methodology, results, and key conclusions.
  • Hear from real case studies that demonstrate how Translational Pharmaceutics can be utilized during drug development.
22 January 2020