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Clinical trial manufacturing

Understanding that early phase clinical testing is a pivotal milestone in the development of your drug product, Quotient offers a clinical trial manufacturing, testing and certification service designed to meet your individual requirements. Our innovative method of building integrated GMP and GCP programs provides you with a streamlined, flexible approach to drug product supply that reflects your clinical study design and timeline. We understand the time and cost pressures you face during early phase evaluation and work with you to ensure a rapid, seamless path from development to clinical trial supply.

We understand your need to move rapidly through clinical development and have built the capability to efficiently scale up drug product manufacturing processes to meet the demands of global clinical and patient supply requirements.

Dosage forms

We offer you manufacturing and testing services for all major dosage forms including:

  • Solutions and suspensions
  • Drug in bottle, drug in capsule
  • Immediate, sustained and modified release tablets
  • Solubilized formulations including spray-dried dispersions, micronized and lipidic formulations

Routes of delivery

We have extensive experience developing and manufacturing drug products intended for all major routes of delivery:

  • Oral
  • Nasally inhaled
  • Topical
  • Rectal
  • Parenteral

High-potency API handling

Quotient Sciences has responded to the challenges associated with the manufacturing of today’s high-potency drug products by ensuring our facilities are capable of handling compounds with a maximum performance-based level of exposure classification (PBLEC).

Phase I and Phase II clinical trial manufacturing

Quotient can support all aspects of your drug product supply to support your Phase I and Phase II clinical studies:

  • Manufacture of all major drug product dosage forms in our FDA and MHRA approved facilities
  • Packaging including bottles, blisters, tubs or tubes
  • Multi-language label design (including translation)
  • Randomization and blinding
  • Shipment logistics and supply tracking
  • Supply chain management to your clinical site

Real-time adaptive manufacturing

Our history and expertise of integrating manufacturing with clinical dosing enables us to manufacture, package and release products in a matter of days or weeks rather than months. Our approach lends you maximum flexibility around batch size and the timing of supply in response to emerging clinical data or patient recruitment without affecting the availability of your drug product. The approach can be used across all drug product types.

Global supply management

Quotient Sciences has reached a clinical trial supply milestone, providing over 1,500 drug products to over 50 unique clinical sites in hospitals and contract research organizations worldwide. We have a strong track record of on-time delivery of clinical supplies supporting your Phase I and II clinical studies, managing the packaging, multi-language labeling and door-to- door logistics in accordance with your clinical design. Our clinical trial supply team works with you to design the most efficient process for drug product supply to your central hub or clinical sites including the provision of bulk drug product or individual patient kits.

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