Isotope Labelling

Secure & rapid delivery of isotopically labelled (14C/SIL) materials for non-clinical & clinical human studies.

With over 30 years of successful delivery on-site, Quotient Sciences' highly trained chemists have extensive chemical and radiochemical knowledge and the experience required to supply consultancy and advice on the most suitable labelling positions for a variety of molecular entities.
Quotient Science's expertise provides the necessary labelled  materials tailored to support your studies.

Isotope Labelling Services Include:

•GMP & non GMP synthesis
•14C radiolabelling
•Ability to handle highly potent/high hazard compounds (cytotoxics)
•Synthesis of metabolites & reference standards aiding bioanalytical and metabolism studies
•Degradants and process impurities to support API development
•Route development and precursor synthesis for labelling with 3H and short-lived isotopes 11C and 18F
•Classical and non-classical synthetic techniques
•Flow chemistry
•Automated peptide synthesis capability
•Microbiological and bio-catalysis
•Stable isotope label (SIL) synthesis, including 2H, 13C, 15N & 18O

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