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Dr. Andrew Lewis: Global VP, Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Lewis is the Global VP of Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences at Quotient Sciences. Andy has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and drug delivery industry. He currently leads a team of 120 scientists working on formulation development, clinical trial manufacturing, and pharmaceutical analysis projects.

Andy is dedicated to overcoming drug delivery challenges, including solubility enhancement, controlled release, and transmucosal delivery of proteins and peptides. He is a member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Scientists of Great Britain and has served on the board of directors of the Controlled Release Society, most recently as secretary.

Prior to joining Quotient Sciences, Andy was Director of Novel Drug Delivery Technologies at Ipsen. He holds a PhD in Tissue Engineering and a Bachelor of Pharmacy, both from the University of Nottingham.

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Andy discusses Quotient Sciences' capabilities for supporting customers that have complex dosage form requirements, including modified- and extended-release formulations.

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Reflecting on our 2022 Scientific Achievements

I chose to enter the pharmaceutical industry because I had a passion for science and a determination to have a positive impact on the world. It seemed that breakthroughs were being made almost every day that could lead to better treatments for diseases and conditions, and I wanted to be a part of that. 

Together with clients and collaborators, in 2022 our subject matter experts have published peer-reviewed articles and delivered presentations on a breadth of topics, including nanoparticle synthesis, clinical pharmacology, and pediatric drug development. Dr. Andy Lewis he reflects on our company's achievements of the past year in our year-end blog.

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Andy Lewis speaks about modified-release dosage forms in Drug Development & Delivery

Modified-release (MR) formulations are in high demand. For formulators, they enable drugs to be released in the optimal gastrointestinal (GI) locations to achieve and maintain desirable plasma concentrations for extended periods, avoiding undesirable excursions outside the therapeutic range. For patients, MR formulations provide the convenience of infrequent dosing with potentially greater efficacy and fewer side effects than similar, immediate-release delivery systems.

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