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Dr. Vanessa Zann: Senior Drug Development Consultant

Dr. Vanessa Zann is a Senior Drug Development Consultant at Quotient Sciences. Vanessa has over two decades of industry experience providing biopharmaceutics support to discovery, development, and clinical programs.

Since joining Quotient Sciences in 2012, she has led the implementation of modelling and simulation and has been heavily involved in pharmaceutical sciences' in-vitro characterization strategy, as well as designing clinical studies and providing scientific support through clinical study delivery.

Prior to joining Quotient Sciences, Vanessa worked at AstraZeneca as a permeability expert in the Pharmaceutical Development department. Here, she led the global Caco-2 facility for the development and was responsible for liaising with discovery scientists to ensure the selection of new chemical entities (NCEs) with appropriate biopharmaceutical properties. She introduced the intravenous (IV) microtracer technique and provided biopharmaceutical support to both discovery and development programs.

Vanessa completed postdoctoral research in buccal transport mechanisms at Cardiff University. She holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Applied and Human Biology, both from Aston University.

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Expert Insight: Considerations When Developing Modified-Release Dosage Forms

In this webinar, Dr. Zann uses case studies to describe the specialized formulation technologies that are available in the "toolbox" to achieve an optimal target product profile for modified-release formulations. She reviews the use of innovative, adaptive clinical programs where human pharmacokinetic (PK) data is used to optimize modified-release formulation compositions in real time.

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