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We help discover, select and accelerate the right molecules early in the drug development process.

Accelerate your selection of the best molecules for drug development with the help of the experts at Quotient Sciences.

We know what it takes to develop a successful drug candidate. We help our customers quickly select the best molecules for further development.

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Drug Discovery Partner

Over 30 years of experience and our expanded scientific capabilities enable us to provide a complete assessment of molecules 'developability'. We identify the best drug candidates and mitigate the risks for our customers and shorten timelines to clinical trial manufacturing.


Introducing the Charles River and Quotient Sciences Collaboration

Russell Scammell, Director of Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Charles River, and Eleanor Row, Executive Director of Commercial at Quotient Sciences, talk about the recent Charles River and Quotient Sciences collaboration, and the strengths that each company brings to customer projects to bridge molecules from early discovery to proof of concept (POC) and beyond.

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