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Strategies for Achieving Regulatory Milestones Faster

19 April 2023

Learn how choosing an integrated service provider can help to accelerate your drug development timeline, featuring a customer case study presented by Ensysce Biosciences CEO, Lynn Kirkpatrick.

As the pharma and biotech industry looks to make drug development more efficient to achieve regulatory milestones faster, the outsourcing services sector has scaled to meet demand. In doing so, drug development activities have spread across multiple service vendors, creating siloes. In this presentation, Dr. Vanessa Zann, Senior Drug Development Consultant, and Lynn Kirkpatrick, CEO of Ensysce Biosciences, discuss the benefits of Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics® integrated drug development platform for decreasing the complexity of drug development for sponsors by providing integrated services under a single company.

Presentation Overview

Ensysce Biosciences' PF614-MPAR is a novel opioid combination product for the potential treatment of chronic pain that is designed to prevent both abuse and overdose. It is currently in Phase I trials. Quotient Sciences has supported Ensysce Biosciences with an integrated formulation development and Phase I clinical study program for PF614. 

In this presentation, Lynn Kirkpatrick, CEO of Ensysce Biosciences, discusses the reasons why Quotient Sciences was selected as an outsourcing partner. She highlights her company's experience working with Quotient Sciences, and how the Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics platform for integrated drug development is being used for their program.

You'll hear:

  • How the Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics platform has accelerated Ensysce Biosciences' drug development timeline and what Ensysce hopes to achieve next through their partnership with Quotient Sciences
  • How drug product formulations and doses can be adjusted and manufactured in real-time, often in response to emerging human data
  • How the integration of drug substance, drug product & clinical testing activities under one organization can encourage close relationships between multidisciplinary experts and create a more agile approach to pharmaceutical development, which ultimately accelerates timelines towards IND and onwards to proof-of-concept.


Lynn Kirkpatrick, CEO of Ensysce Biosciences
Lynn Kirkpatrick is the CEO of Ensysce Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotech company based in San Diego, CA. Her professional background is in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug discovery, and drug product development.  She has co-founded two start up companies in her career and has developed three targeted small molecule oncology drugs from discovery to the clinic. She has experience in both private and public companies raising funds from private, public, and government sources.

Dr. Vanessa Zann, Senior Drug Development Consultant at Quotient Sciences
Vanessa has over two decades of industry experience providing biopharmaceutics support to discovery, development, and clinical programs. Before joining Quotient Sciences, Vanessa worked at AstraZeneca as a permeability expert in the Pharmaceutical Development department.

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19 April 2023
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