Assessing the financial impact of Translational Pharmaceutics®

A white paper by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) comparing the savings and financial benefits for drug developers that use Translational Pharmaceutics®

Unlock the multi-million dollar benefits of Translational Pharmaceutics®, demonstrated in the Tufts CSDD study

Discover the time savings and financial benefits for drug developers that use Translational Pharmaceutics®, versus traditional multi-vendor formulation, manufacturing and clinical testing approaches.

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Two scientists looking at an HBLC Machine in our Translational Pharmaceutics labs

What can I learn?

Discover how to benefit from:

  • A faster approach to drug development and accelerated time to market
  • Average timeline savings of >12 months
  • R&D spend reduced by $9.5 million for each month of time saved
  • Total financial gains per drug approved >$100 million
  • Formulations selected using clinical data, ensuring greater chances of success
  • An integrated development model and simplified supply chain

About Translational Pharmaceutics®

Translational Pharmaceutics® accelerates drug development by integrating formulation development, real-time manufacturing, and clinical testing. Over the past decade, it has been used widely by pharmaceutical and biotech companies on >400 programs to advance molecules across the full development cycle, from first-in-human (FIH) trials to market. Key applications within the development process include:

  • Transitioning molecules from FIH to proof of concept (POC)
  • Development and optimization of clinical formulations

About the Tufts CSDD study

The Tufts CSDD compared the cycle times of traditional drug development programs to Translational Pharmaceutics® programs and their derivative effects on development economics. These data were incorporated in a drug development model and the financial benefits were quantified on industry R&D costs and returns. The model assessed several different project types and the top line results included mean financial benefits exceeding $100 million and mean timeline savings of >12 months.

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