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Strategies for Accelerating the Development of Modified Release Oral Forms

  • Formulation development

    Quotient Sciences has almost 30 years of experience developing a breadth of formulations across a range of indications. Our innovative approach to formulation development integrates drug product development with clinical evaluation, combined with our experience with over 1,000 molecules at all stages of drug development.

    Whether you need rapid formulation development services or a customized program, Quotient is your answer.

  • Clinical trial manufacturing

    Understanding that early phase clinical testing is a pivotal milestone in the development of your drug product, Quotient offers a clinical trial manufacturing, testing and certification service designed to meet your individual requirements. Our innovative method of building integrated GMP and GCP programs provide you with a streamlined, flexible approach to drug product supply that reflects your clinical study design and timeline. We understand the time and cost pressures you face during early phase evaluation and work with you to ensure a rapid, seamless path from development to clinical trial supply.

  • Clinical pharmacology

    Whatever Phase 1 clinical pharmacology study you require, at Quotient Sciences you can expect rapid study startup and rapid recruitment through our locations in Miami and Nottingham.
    Our full-service science and medical teams will work with you to design a tailored program, based on the needs of your compound, to meet the rigorous requirements of major regulatory agencies. 

  • Commercial manufacturing

    Quotient Sciences is a global player in commercial manufacturing of small molecule products for niche therapies including oncology and orphan drugs. Our commercial manufacturing facility located in Philadelphia is designed to handle your high-potency compounds.

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