Quotient Sciences Expands UK Facilities to Support the Delivery of Translational Pharmaceutics® Programs

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Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics® Platform

Commemorating 15 years and 500 studies completed
Dramatically reduce your development time and costs with Translational Pharmaceutics

Quotient Sciences brought meaningful innovation to the pharmaceutical industry in 2008 with Translational Pharmaceutics – a unique, fully integrated drug development and clinical testing platform, proven to reduce timelines and costs, getting new medicines to patients faster.

By integrating drug substance, drug product, and clinical testing activities all under one organization and a single project manager, Translational Pharmaceutics breaks down traditional industry silos and accelerates molecules through development. This streamlined approach seamlessly supports our customers’ programs across the entire drug development pathway, from candidate development through to commercialization.  

Request a copy of our Translational Pharmaceutics white paper.

The Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics platform has been proven to reduce drug development timelines by over 12 months. Download a copy of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) white paper benchmarking the Translational Pharmaceutics platform versus traditional drug development timelines. 

Expertise spanning from candidate development to commercial manufacturing

Our expertise in understanding dependencies between drug substance properties, formulation design, and clinical outcomes enables us to enhance development efficiency.

By having both drug substance and drug product manufacturing activities under one organization, we can now deliver integrated chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) development activities for both pre-clinical and clinical studies in parallel, simplifying the supply chain and shortening the time from candidate selection to clinic by a further 2–4 months.

Key benefits of Translational Pharmaceutics:

  • Timeline acceleration of >12 months
  • Significant reduction in R&D spend
  • Improved data for better decision making
  • Greater likelihood of success
  • Simplified supply chain
  • >500 studies completed & >200 scientific publications

Rapidly reach key milestones

Rapid 'make-test' cycles that shorten drug development timelines to days rather than months

Developed in consultation with the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Translational Pharmaceutics employs rapid ‘make-test’ cycles, where drug products are manufactured, released, and dosed in a clinical study in days rather than months, shortening the time to decision-making human data.

Translational Pharmaceutics can assist at each development phase:

  • Closely aligned workflows around drug substance, drug product manufacturing, and clinical testing to shorten the time from candidate development to first in human (FIH)
  • Accelerate molecules from FIH to proof of concept (POC)
  • Select and optimize clinical formulations
  • Accelerate products to commercial manufacturing
Photo of Hazel Hunt  - Corcept
“The company’s ability to integrate manufacturing and dosing really accelerated the conduct of the study and was one of the main reasons that Corcept selected Quotient to undertake the study.”
Hazel Hunt, Chief Scientific Officer at Corcept Therapeutics
Photo of DEBORAH GOUVEIA from Stealth Therapuetics
“After taking everything into account — the manufacturing costs of a traditional CMO model, creating multiple lots of material that may never get used, etc. — the Translational Pharmaceutics approach was a cost-effective option, especially when we took the additional cost of time saved into consideration.”
Deborah Gouveia, SVP, Development Operations at Triplet Therapeutics
“Having an integrated way of working is truly innovative and offers a company like Clovis a really efficient option. The entire study was a very positive experience.”
Gillian C. Ivers-Read, Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Technical Operations and co-founder of Clovis
Photo of Dr. David Hava from Pulmatrix
“The understanding we have gained through working with Quotient — in terms of both the formulation development and the manufacturing — will be invaluable.”
Dr David Hava, Chief Scientific Officer at Synlogic, Inc.

On-Demand Webinar

The integration of drug substance and drug product

The seamless coordination between drug substance and drug product manufacturing results in a more efficient and accelerated development plan. Integrating all activities under a single organization, removing silos, encourages close relationships between multidisciplinary experts and creates a more agile approach to pharmaceutical development. This webinar highlights how a fully integrated program can speed up the transition from candidate selection to proof of concept and shorten the pathway to clinical development.

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What customers are saying about Translational Pharmaceutics

"Our small biotech company worked with Quotient Sciences on developing a complex formulation and validating the different iterations of the formulation in PK clinical studies using the Translational Pharmaceutics approach. The project was successful, and we were generally impressed by the skillsets, professionalism, and courtesy of the company's scientists and other subject experts. We have also chosen to work with Quotient Sciences on two subsequent projects."


Featured client case study

Druggability Technologies (DRGT) is developing DRGT-46 as a novel therapy for pain. Gabor Heltovics, CEO of DRGT, explains how Quotient Sciences enabled the rapid development, clinical assessment, and commercial readiness of its DRGT-46 product using integrated services across Quotient Sciences' network of harmonized development and manufacturing sites in the UK and US.

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