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The First Kilograms of GMP Drug Substance


At the point of selecting a lead compound for a drug development program, the supply of drug substance is on the critical path and required for all downstream activities.

To ensure that the drug program progresses efficiently, process development must enable safe, economical, and rapid scale-up of drug substance manufacturing. Drug developers require service providers with extensive chemistry capabilities, who are focused on the timely delivery of material and who can deliver drug substance manufacturing processes that can be scaled up at minimum risk.

Quotient Sciences is a drug development accelerator, offering contract development, research, and manufacturing services to pharma and biotech companies worldwide. We pride ourselves on quickly delivering high-purity drug substances and can rapidly scale up manufacturing at our cutting-edge facility. With more than 40 years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry and extensive expertise in flow chemistry, synthetic biology, and biocatalysis, we can optimize manufacturing processes and save months of development time for our customers.

Learn more about our capabilities in our latest whitepaper.

A core component of Quotient Sciences is our integrated capabilities in drug substance process research, development, and manufacturing. All are carried out at our state-of-the-art facility in Alnwick, UK.